Kim Kardashian 

Putting the KK in KKK (Kim Kardashian Kanye) this buxom wench has a vast list of accomplishments too numerous to mention….so we won’t. Instead we will follow in the footsteps of everyone else and focus entirely on her breasts and buttocks. Her breasts were first introduced to the world in the mid nineteen nineties as part of a huge humanitarian aid effort for the training bra industry. The left one, though shyer than the right, has been the biggest innovator as far as cleavage goes and has raised the issue of what an indispensable and strident voice the areola can be in the fast emerging marketplace of ideas for décolletage worldwide.

Her buttocks, though lagging behind in many respects, have too played a salient role in the empowerment of vulnerable communities and their inherent difficulties in an intersectional dichotomy of micro financial paradigms. By being both large and fleshy, each buttock cheek has proved a beacon of post-colonial power shifting without adhering to the traditional roles that the buttocks have been systematically compartmentalised in, such as sitting down or mooning. In fact her left buttock, after forming a close relationship with her left breast, is in the process of delegitimising a concurrent restructuring of problematic gravitational prejudicial scenarios. It’s as simple as that. When asked for a cogent analysis of these scenarios, Ms. Kardashian said “My breasts and buttocks are very large”.

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