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Famous Novelist Uses Spam Folder To Write Book

Shebright Wakespeare, one of the East Midlands most famous council grant beneficiaries has laid out their plan for their next book. Wakespeare is scouring the spam folder in their gmail

Heart Surgery To Be Performed By Popular TikTokers

TikTok’s most watched dancers are being offered the chance to perform open heart surgery on unsuspecting patients. … Continue readingHeart Surgery To Be Performed By Popular TikTokers

Cats In Self Esteem Breakthrough

A study in Massachusetts has found that the self esteem of domestic house cats has been slightly declining in recent years. … Continue readingCats In Self Esteem Breakthrough

New Monetary System Proposed

A new monetary system is being proposed by a group of breakaway Economics professors from America’s elite Ivy League universities. … Continue readingNew Monetary System Proposed

Adolf Hitler 

Let’s face it, he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but Adolf Hitler was still the face of German and Austrian vegetarianism for much of the twentieth century and for this

Emmanuel Macron

Ever since the Napoleonic era, the French populace have had a fascination with the short and the ugly, and this partially explains Emmanuel Macron’s stratospheric rise to the lowest approval

Tony Blair

Known as the Trendy Vicar of Death to Lucifer and his minions, ex UK Prime Minister Blair has been one of Satan’s most gifted recruits. Tony first fell head over


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