Cats In Self Esteem Breakthrough

A study in Massachusetts has found that the self esteem of domestic house cats has been slightly declining in recent years. A group of seventy four cats in a suburban enclave of Boston were diligently observed over a five year period by qualified veterinarians and pet groomers. 

Strikingly the rate of withering looks of contempt directed towards the observers were not continuous and complete. On three separate occasions over the course of the five years, cats actually approached the humans looking for attention rather than the other way round. On another seventeen recorded occasions, meals were immediately eaten by cats and not dismissively ignored, followed by a quick turn around and a nose in the air, light footed trot in the opposite direction.

Of course at no point in the half decade did the researchers feel remotely on an equal par with their feline subjects but they did mention that they didn’t feel as needy and desirous of the cats’ attention and approval as they had before. The neighborhood’s dogs were on schedule to be tested for their own self esteem issues but instead were given a biscuit and locked in their hallways.

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