Famous Novelist Uses Spam Folder To Write Book

Shebright Wakespeare, one of the East Midlands most famous council grant beneficiaries has laid out their plan for their next book. Wakespeare is scouring the spam folder in their gmail account for plot devices and narrative structures.

So far the skeleton of the book is starting to take shape and the author feels exhilarated by the possibilities that lie ahead. They say the novel will feature a group of Nigerian princes who will work at home for up to a thousand dollars a day in order to purchase a completely safe and effective cure for erectile dysfunction.

After listing the LinkedIn requests of a vast swathe of totally unknown and unwanted profiles, the protagonists will contract Ebola after being bitten by a MailChimp Newsletter. Then all the MeetUp groups that Wakespeare is a member of will send a reminder to attend the princes’ funeral which will be ignored en masse. Shebright has said he will be spending his publishing advance at Curry Club on a Thursday in late May.

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