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Lord Smyth of Didcot, a Conservative peer who has been in the House of Lords since 1976, is making a bid to launch himself as a recording artist in the topsy turvy world of Jamaican Dancehall. Previously on the executive board of ICI Corporation the Lord said he felt the pull of digital Dancehall after numerous youtube viewings of so-called “twerking” videos recorded and uploaded on their smartphones by aspiring young female dancers.

He says he is aware he might not be immediately accepted in the milieu of the Kingston music world but to help things along he has had hair extensions put in to replicate the appearance of a practicing Rastafarian and is studying closely the stand up comedy oeuvre of Lenny Henry and Dawn French in an attempt to master the Jamaican dialect known as Patois.

He has already self released his first Bashment single entitled “Bad Gun Man Shoot Dem Fe Henley On Thames”, a blistering and abrasive take on the encroachment of the Green Belt in which he makes the case that it should be reserved purely for the growth of sacramental marijuana. He is currently in hospital recovering from stab wounds suffered at Ascot.

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